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#1 RIDICULOUSLY Easy DIY Fix for a Refrigerator Door that Won't Stay Closed

System - Monday, March 28, 2022

Using Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the gasket of your refrigerator door is more than just a fix when your refrigerator door won't stay closed. It actually is a maintenance item that extends the life of a gasket. Some owner's manuals actually call for a reapplication of Vaseline twice a year to keep the gasket soft and keep a tight seal on the refrigerator.

Now could you replace the gasket, sure. But sometimes they don’t make them anymore. Vaseline obviously won’t repair tears in a gasket, but it will provide a temporary fix before you can get a replacement gasket or buy a new refrigerator on a more relaxed schedule not driven by necessity.

Other lovely benefits:

  • the eerie quiet of the house without the sound of the refrigerator constantly running
  • ...which also saves you money on your electrical bill.

Share this tip with a friend, take the proceeds of $ saved and go out for a drink! Or if this was a last ditch attempt before buying a new refrigerator you might get an entire vacation covered out of the deal!!!


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