Rental Requirements

  1. $60 application fee per adult. Everyone living in the home over 18 must submit separate applications.
  2. Applications may be submitted on our website at
  3. Income should be at least 3 times the monthly rent.
  4. Applications are processed during posted normal business hours and standard response time is 48 hours (additional time may be required if we cannot get proper documentation)
  5. Only one application is needed per person. Your application will be good for any property managed by Asset Realty Management. Applications are kept on file for 3 months before they expire.
  6. Evictions and Landlord collections unpaid on credit file or in court records–AUTOMATIC DENIAL–unless you have binding written proof they were paid.
  7. Unpaid utility companies–AUTOMATIC DENIAL–unless you have binding written proof it was paid.
  8. We reserve the right to make decisions on FELONY criminal history on a case by case basis. Please disclose to us before applying.
  9. Credit scores under 600 MAY require an increased or double security deposit and/or co-signer.
  10. Bankruptcies must be fully discharged to pass the credit requirements
  11. We need 2 verifiable rental references. If you own a home we may accept proof in lieu of this.
  12. Negative rental payment history MAY be cause for denial.
  13. Job time under 6 months may be cause of double deposit and/or co-signer.
  14. Applicants with no rental history may need a co-signer.
  15. For our properties that do accept pets, please read our Pet Policy located under Applicant Information on our website.
  16. Applicants are served on a first come, first served basis: however if there is more than one applicant for a property, the applicant with the better application (higher credit score, better income) will prevail.
  17. We will accept all applications on available properties until a security deposit has been paid.
  18. Once security deposit has been paid, the lease will need to be signed and utilities turned on in applicants name within 2 weeks, WE CANNOT HOLD A PROPERTY MORE THAN TWO WEEKS.
  19. Security deposits must be paid with certified funds, such as a money order or cashiers check. We DO NOT ever accept cash at our office.
  20. Renters insurance is required for all of our properties


We will need the following documents to process your application:

Two or three recent pay stubs and phone number of employer OR proof of other income such as retirement or disability insurance.

Drivers license or valid photo ID.

Self-employed or 1099 contractors will need recent tax return and verifiable bank statements.

Two or more VERIFIABLE rental references with phone numbers. We may accept a letter from landlord with phone number.

Mortgage or property tax documentation if home owner

Documents may be delivered to: 4420 Whittle Springs Road, Suite B. They may also be faxed to 865-688-5780 or emailed to

Lease is available upon request

***Applications in which we do not receive the required documents will not be able to be processed***

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